What is Sewing Machine Bobbin

A sewing machine is a valuable tool for anyone who loves to sew. It saves time and effort and allows for precise and efficient stitching. However, in order for a sewing machine to work properly, it must be properly maintained and the various parts must work together seamlessly. One of the most important parts of a sewing machine is the bobbin.

What is a Bobbin in a Sewing Machine: A bobbin is a small, cylindrical piece of metal or plastic that holds the thread that is used to create the underside of a stitch. It is placed in a bobbin case and is used in combination with the needle thread to create the stitch.

How Does a Bobbin Work in a Sewing Machine: A bobbin works in conjunction with the needle thread to create a stitch. The needle thread is looped around the bobbin, creating a knot on the underside of the fabric. This knot pulls the bobbin thread through the fabric, creating a stitch on the bottom side. The needle and bobbin must work together to create a secure and consistent stitch.

Types of Bobbins: There are two main types of bobbins: class 15 and class 66. Class 15 bobbins are the most common and are used in most home sewing machines. Class 66 bobbins are larger and are typically used in industrial sewing machines. It’s important to use the correct type of bobbin for your sewing machine, as using the wrong type can cause thread tangles, poor stitch quality, and other problems.

Maintenance of the Bobbin: In order for a bobbin to function properly, it must be maintained and cleaned regularly. This includes removing any loose threads, cleaning the bobbin case, and checking the tension of the bobbin thread. Regular maintenance will help to prevent thread tangles, jams, and other problems that can affect the quality of your stitches.


The bobbin is an important part of a sewing machine and plays a crucial role in creating a secure and consistent stitch. Understanding how the bobbin works, what type of bobbin to use, and how to maintain it, is essential for proper sewing machine operation. With proper care and maintenance, you can ensure that your sewing machine is functioning at its best and producing high-quality results.

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