A Sewing Crew Produces Outfits and Shorts for Children in Need.

The St. Patrick’s Church sewing club in Maytown recently met with Debbie Ward, a Samaritans Purse “Operation Christmas Child” representative who had asked for contributions of dresses and shorts for her church’s Christmas boxes. Children in need get these boxes from Christ Community Church worldwide. At this time, the sewing club in Maytown donated 71 outfits and 55 sets of shorts.

From April through November, the sewing club meets weekly at the St. Patrick Parish hall for stitching and socialising.

The “Little Dresses for Africa” sewing club started sewing in 2011. The organisation has created thousands of shorts and nearly 6,000 outfits with assistance from others. Fabric and sewing supplies have been generously supplied. Call Marilyn Weeks at 815-638-2202 or Marilyn Blaine at 815-712-5641 for further details.

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